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Dentures are replacement for missing teeth that can be removed and put back in your mouth as you please.

Denture is a removable plate which holds one or more artificial teeth.



Two types of dentures are available depending upon the number of teeth to be replaced :

Complete dentures (when all teeth are missing)

Partial dentures (when only some teeth are missing)


Complete dentures:

We provide conventional complete dentures and Immediate complete dentures. 

Conventional full dentures:

Teeth are extracted and gums are allowed to heal. You have to manage without teeth in this period. After healing, impressions are taken and a customized denture is fabricated. 

Immediate full dentures:

Before extraction , measurements are taken and denture is fabricated. Then the teeth are extracted and denture is immediately placed without giving time for the gums to heal. You don’t have to spend any time without teeth. The denture measurements slightly change after healing. Refitting of the denture has to be done. 


Partial dentures:

Similar to dental bridge but not permanently fitted in the mouth.

 We have experienced dentists who will help you find the best match for your needs! 

Care of the denture :

Even though they are artificial, you have to take care of them as real ones.

Brush to remove plaque and food particles.

Place in water (avoid hot water) or denture cleaning solution when not in use.

Careful handling

Visit dentist if refitting required

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