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Kitsap Gentle Dentistry | Dental Implants in Silverdale

Kitsap Gentle Dentistry

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Dental Implants

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The goal of dental implant therapy is to restore an individual to normal anatomy, esthetics, function, comfort and speech by replacing the missing or extracted teeth. Single tooth or multiple teeth can be placed with the help of this procedure. We use only the best quality dental implants   


Advantages :


No additional alteration of adjacent teeth

No risk of caries or fracture


HOW ? 

The whole procedure takes a few months to complete. 

Takes place in 3 parts 

Part 1 : Placement of the dental implant

An incision is made into the gum and the screw shaped dental implant (artificial root made from titanium) is placed in the jaw bone.

Allowed to heal for 3 – 6 months (for osteointegration)


**In some cases it's possible to place the implant the same day as an extraction


Part 2 : Placement of abutment and permanent dental crown

After healing, an abutment is placed over it.

Abutment serves as a base for the dental crown.

Impressions are taken and customized dental crown is prepared.


Part 3: Cementation of permanent crown

Once we have the crown back from the lab we cement the crown onto the abutment




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